3D view

We are pleased to announce a new feature on our website 3D view that enables 3D visualisation of each of our luminaires. 

The 3D View feature provides a useful intermediate stage between viewing a physical luminaire sample, and looking at photos or technical drawings of the fixture. The 3D rendered models show each fitting to scale, with clear indications of the light source and how the luminaire is mounted.

In this way architects, engineers, and lighting designers can virtually examine the luminaire to get a better sense of its proportions and appearance, when evaluating its suitability for a project.

You can access this new feature in the DOWNLOADS” section of the individual luminaire product page by selecting the “3D view link” as shown below.

Once you have accessed the 3D view, you can simply PANROTATE, and SCALE the model to examine the luminaire in more detail.

Example link: https://agmt.it/m/SOqXRqe_

Not only that, the 3D view makes it possible to see the dimensions of the fitting in real-time when viewing the product.

This feature complements the extensive library of tools for project design, such as 2D CAD files and photometric data, making it possible to view lighting fittings from our catalogue from all angles and perspectives.

3D view is currently available for all Outdoor Recessed luminaires and Surface Facade luminaires, however this feature will soon be available for our entire range of luminaires.