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Held in Marrakesh from November the 20th to 23rd was the 8th international exhibition of African cities and territorial communities, called Africities 2018. This large and important event is held every 3 years in a different African City, the previous event in 2015 being in Johannesburg. We at LIGMAN, together with our local partners in Morocco; Lumibright, are extremely pleased to have been able to sponsor this amazing event and participate in so many interesting and collaborative ways.

The event attracted around 15,000 visitors from many different professional backgrounds and allowed participants to strengthen their business networks and hear the needs of local and regional governments, ministries, administrations, public agencies, international organizations and institutions, NGOs, associations and federations. As well as the exhibition, numerous conferences and panel discussions were held over the four days and the event attracted national news networks from all over Africa.

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Martin Valentine, Global Design Director of LIGMAN attended the event and worked closely with Lumibright discussing project lighting solutions, meeting designers, engineers and owners and he presented a 90-minute paper on the conference program entitled The Socio-Economic Benefits of Achieving the right Quality of Lighting for Public Night-time Environments, which was very well received by all those who attended.

Due to the extremes of environmental conditions prevalent throughout the different African countries there was great interest in LIGMAN’s portfolio of lighting products due to our high material and finish quality, quality components, sustainable energy efficiency, long warranties and long experience in solar lighting solutions and we wish to thank our partners Lumibright for their very successful organisation and close working collaboration.

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