Announcement – LANTERN Building, LIGMAN Office Floor 4-5 Renovation


The LANTERN Building is the culmination of many years of LIGMAN growing our portfolio of experience centres; our flagship stores, showrooms, workshop studios and seminar facilities.

Full details of the upgrade will be revealed soon, however we are pleased to present a sneak peek of the recent renovations…

The 4th Floor theme is inspired by nature, featuring a green area with trees and grass. On this floor you can find the LIGMAN Experience Centre & Seminar Room for the guests, New Outdoor Products Showcase, and the

Lighting Application Area

The 5th Floor continues with the Outdoor & Indoor Product Show Case, as well as a Relaxation Area to be enjoyed by staff and guests alike.

The LIGMAN Headquarters renovations will be revealed in the coming months, however in the mean time you can learn more about the LANTERN Building by visiting: https://www.ligman.com/the-lantern-building/