Announcement – New features for L-COLUMN


We are pleased to announce that LIGMAN’s L-COLUMN – the most powerful and adaptable smart city solution in the marketplace – has just been upgraded.

The existing suite of smart city technology options now includes six additional accessories: Energy Monitoring Solution with Dashboard. Digital Signage. Vehicle License Plate Detector camera with open API software integration. Temperature and humidity monitoring with dashboard. Plus two different sound systems, one including speaker and WiFi amplifier, the second including speaker and network audio IP encoder and decoder.

In addition to the above accessories, two powerful new software packages have also been introduced: FindFace multi software which utilises AI technology for face, body and vehicle detection, and LIGMAN IDM – IoT (Internet of Things) Device Management – which enables consolidation of all devices installed inside the smart pole.

Software - Face, Body, Vehicle detection

A multifunctional multi-object video analytics software.

    • Person detection
    • Face detection even in low-quality video
    • Integrated 2D anti-spoofing technology, etc.

Software - LIGMAN IDM

A proprietary software package licensed by LIGMAN to manage all smart pole devices from within a single platform.


Find out all new features for LIGMAN’s L-COLUMN: https://www.ligman.com/l-column-parts-l-column-lc-aol03/.
Learn more about our newest software for intelligent lighting solutions: Software – LIGMAN IDM , and  Software – Face, Body, and Vehicle detection.