Announcement – New pole features


We are pleased to announce our latest website update. As you know, LIGMAN not only produces world class luminaires, but also a range of galvanised steel and aluminium lighting poles. The updated pages feature comprehensive detail about each of the pole families, for better planning of each project. 

Each pole type now has a automatic specification sheet available to download as PDF with a detailed overview of the pole family. 

For example: https://www.ligman.com/cylindrical-straight-aluminium-lighting-poles-poles-csa-p2/

The PDF includes all relevant details from the website in a detailed table with information about all types within that pole family.

There are now three new fields in additional to the previously available information:
  • Horizontal loads resistance (V ref,0 – m/s)
  • Luminaire weight (max – kg)
  • Luminaire wind catching area (max – m2) 
Plus new pages for each specific pole variation:

Which includes automatically generated PDF product sheets with all the relevant information.

We hope this updated resource will assist with planning your next exterior lighting project with pole specifications. If you would like further details of the above information, please contact your local LIGMAN representative for more information.

More details about each LIGMAN pole: https://www.ligman.com/products/poles-p1/