Bollard Lights Singapore

“In most applications of outdoor pedestrian lighting, it is very likely you find bollard lights.
These elegant yet functional fittings play a crucial role in providing both aesthetics and safety”

Exterior bollard lights illuminate pathways, gardens, and public open spaces. Lighting a path, guiding footsteps, and delineating boundaries at night. Although their primary function is to provide illumination, bollard lights can also act as urban furniture and for safety

LIGMAN offer a range of bollard lights that go beyond a glowing beacon of light for pathway illumination. Let’s explore some of the options for your next lighting project. 

Exterior LED Lights

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Exterior LED Lights

LED lights have revolutionised the design of exterior LED light fittings. 

The smaller light source of LED technology has enabled the creation of more compact and streamlined exterior LED lights. New luminaire designs are now possible thanks to LED technology that would not have been possible with traditional lamp sources. 

LIGMAN’s MicroVOS technology was born out of LED technology. It enables the custom design of lighting optics for precise lighting distributions. Reducing the amount of light pollution, wasted light, and reducing the overall number of fittings. Applied to exterior bollard lights on large exterior projects, this can add up to huge savings in both installation and running costs. 

When it comes to spill light and light pollution, LED bollard lights can also contribute to this problem. As a company with the largest number of DarkSky approved luminaires to date, LIGMAN also has a range of bollards which meet the DarkSky criteria. Check the current list of DarkSky luminaires to see which bollard lights are approved. 

Energy efficiency and life cycle of LED’s is much greater than traditional light sources. Exterior LED lights require less power than compact fluorescent sources. Exterior LED lights also have a much longer life span. This dramatically reduces the maintenance costs as light fittings wont need to be replaced or serviced as often. 

Then of course there is the customisation, colour and control capabilities of exterior LED lights. The flexibility offered by LED technology has redefined the possibilities of exterior lighting. 

Exterior Bollard Lights

Making the most of exterior LED light technology, the exterior bollard lights available today are far more advanced of those of the past. 

The compact nature of LED lights has enabled more streamlined bollard design, more precise beam distribution, and overall more efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for lighting designers, architects and engineers. 

Visit this link to see the complete range of exterior bollard lights available from LIGMAN.

In addition to aesthetically pleasing bollard lights and precision optics, LIGMAN have taken bollard lights a step further, giving the option of security grade bollards and autonomous solar powered exterior bollard lights. 

Exterior Bollard Lights: Security Bollards

Security bollards are often present outside of buildings and the boundaries of busy pedestrian zones. Whether to simply restrict vehicle access or to protect people and property, security bollards are a common sight in the urban environment. 

LED bollard lights are not typically a replacement for security bollards. They don’t have the strength or reinforcement needed to prevent a collision from a moving vehicle. 

LIGMAN Security Bollards can be used to restrict vehicle access or provide vehicle guidance, to protect commercial premises or domestic properties, to protect pedestrian areas or prevent shop fronts or other assets from being damaged by an impact, either accidental or deliberate. 

LIGMAN Security Bollards provide a solution of protection and site restriction to areas that are vulnerable to collision impacts. Security Core can be applied to a number of their exterior bollard lights to stops a 2.75-ton vehicle, travelling at 50 km/h. 

Solar Powered Bollard Lights

LIGMAN have also developed a dedicated range of solar powered exterior bollard lights.

LIGHTSOFTPRAGUE, and AUGUSTA have been designed from the ground up with photovoltaic integration. Using the advantages of both LED and solar power technology these bollards offer new possibilities for outdoor bollard lighting.

Solar powered exterior bollard lights are not restricted to the existing power grid in the way that other exterior bollard lights are. These autonomous LED bollard lights store their own self generated power and operate independent of the power grid. 

This not only saves on running costs, but also enables exterior bollard lights to be installed in difficult to service areas without the need for running cables and disrupting the landscape. 


What are bollard lights?

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting fixture typically mounted on a short post or bollard.

What are exterior LED lights?

An exterior LED light, as the name suggests, is a lighting fixture designed specifically for outdoor use and utilises Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology as its light source.

What are some advantages of exterior LED lights?

Compared to traditional light sources, exterior LED lights are more compact, efficient, last longer, offer more colour options, lighting control capabilities, and customisation. 

Where are exterior bollard lights typically used?

Exterior bollard lights are often used in pedestrian heavy areas such as pathways, public open spaces, parks and gardens. 

Does LIGMAN have security exterior bollard lights?

Yes. You can find out more about security core and which bollards it can be applied to here.

Does LIGMAN have solar powered LED bollard lights?

Yes. LIGHTSOFTPRAGUE, and AUGUSTA are dedicated solar powered LED bollards 

Is LIGMAN MicroVOS technology available for exterior bollard lights?

Yes. Just look for the MicroVOS logo next to the chosen luminaire. 

Does LIGMAN have DarkSky approved exterior bollard lights?

Yes, Just look for the DarkSky certified logo next to the chosen luminaire.