Upgrade ordinary column light fixture to smart column light


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Light is a fundamental factor that makes life easier for humans. After the invention of the carbon-filament bulb in 1879 and continued development until we have LED today. The one lighting type that we always see wherever we travel is a column light fixture. It provides efficient lighting with a nice appearance and also can be used to decorate any location outstanding as well.

The height of column light fixture is between 2 – 4 meters, focusing on a wide pathway. The width of light distribution depends on the height of the column light fixture and the type of lamp used. However, the height of the column light fixture depends on the surrounding environment too. We must be taken into account that it will not obstruct the surrounding area.

In addition to using a column light fixture for illuminating area and object, we still continue to develop lighting technology in order to be more convenience and easy using by evolving ordinary column light fixture into smart column light, such as installation of accessories to support various functional features through an application Which we can control to turn on / off the lights remotely You can also set a timer to turn off / turn off the lights as well. When ordinary column light become smart column light, the main advantage is an energy saving because we can optimize it according to our lifestyle.

Besides lighting control we can also install other accessories such as
– EV charger
– Intercom
– Digital signage
– Speaker
– Sensor
– Camera
– Wifi
– Spotlight
– Other equipment that can be used with column light fixture

Find more about intelligent column lighting at: https://www.ligman.com/smart-pole-smart-city/
ดู Find more about LIGHTCONNECT™ technology for smart city: https://issuu.com/ligmangroup/docs/lightconnect-catalogue


Smart lighting technology for a Smart city