DMX and DMXRDM control options


LIGMAN RGBW luminaires can be easily integrated into to the DMX system that has been designed to offer the perfect lighting control solution for any environment. DMX data messages are sent directly from the STICK to the luminaires. The luminaire DMX driver listens to the DMX messages and supplies the power to the lighting fixture. DMX messages are then passed on to the next lighting fixture.



Nicolaudie – SLESA-U9

The Nicolaudie SLESA-U9 is a standalone USB based DMX256 lighting controller with 20 scenes and 1 zone. This simple and reliable control allows dynamic lighting scenes to be programmed quickly and easily through the ESA2 software for uninterrupted independent operation.


Nicolaudie – SLESA-U11

The Nicolaudie SLESA-U11  is a standalone engine (NSA) offering incredible power based DMX1024+ lighting controller with 99 scenes 5 zones, extended triggers and 16-bit channels management. Intuitive backlit keyboard with 10 presets and zone selection. Lighting scenes can be programmed quickly and easily through ESAPRO2 software via USB or Ethernet connection and mobile applications.

Nicolaudie – STICK-KE2

The Nicolaudie STICK-KE2 is a wall mounted touch sensitive DMX2014 lighting controller with 200 scenes and 5 zones. This advanced controller with user friendly interface features an on/off button at the top, 8 buttons to choose from up to 200 lighting scenes (25×8), 2 buttons to cycle between pages and a horizontal fader to instantly adjust dimmer, speed and colour. Lighting scenes can be programmed quickly and easily through ESA2 & ESAPRO2 software via USB or Ethernet connection and mobile applications. In addition to live control, scenes can be triggered through calendar / time clock and remote smartphone / tablet software.

Nicolaudie – STICK-DE3

The feature rich lighting controller has been designed to provide a control solution for the most demanding of projects, whilst maintaining an easy to use panel of touch sensitive buttons. The controller integrates a graphical color screen allowing scene photos to be displayed. Easily view the selected zone, scene name and design without the need to navigate through complex menus. Change the speed, color and dimmer using the circular palette. 

The lighting levels, color and effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.

Nicolaudie – DINA-DR MICRO DMX lighting controller & Power adapter

The DINA-DR MICRO is the perfect standalone lighting controller for simple DMX installations. It offers an affordable and programmable solution to replace automatic controllers.

Delivered with a DIN rail adapter, the DINA-DR MICRO can be mounted in an electrical cabinet and affords significant ease of installation.

Create your static or dynamic lighting scenes with ESA Pro 2 software and upload them to the DINA-DR MICRO through its USB connection.

Specifications: 10 scenes, 1 zone, 60 channels.

DMX splitter & amplifier within an IP box

Digital signal distributor is used with DMX512 digital lighting control signal for amplification and 2 channel distribution output. Each input/output interface adopts high voltage isolation technology, applied to DMX512 signal via remote transmission attenuation after the plastic amplification processing. Complete electrical isolation is used between the input interface and the distribution between output interface.

DMX System block diagram

System block diagram: Nicolaudie STICK-DE3

System block diagram: Nicolaudie DINA-DR MICRO


Advanced interface for ease of use
Utilising RDM with DMX configurations, it is possible to edit data:
– via computer connected directly to the controller
– through the interconnected local (LAN) or wide area network (Internet)
– directly with Cloud service access

Complete remote control & real time monitoring
The Cloud enables real time monitoring of the luminaires and provides direct feedback when a problem is detected. For example damage to individual fittings and components. 

Increased flexibility during installation 
With RDM system, the distance between the controller and luminaire can increase from 150 m to 300 m


Pharos – TPC touch screen & EXT controller DMX and DALI 1 Universe

The TPC (Touch Panel Controller) is an elegant touch screen lighting controller with a customisable, 4.3″ capacitive touch panel, 512 channels of eDMX output and vast interfacing potential, all over
a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection.

The EXT is an extension for the Pharos TPC and together they
form a standalone, mains-powered lighting controller with
versatile output and show control options. The EXT provides
local DMX and DALI output for the TPC, as well as power and
other hardware interfaces.

Pharos – TPC touch screen & LPC controller DMX 2 Universe

The LPC (Lighting Playback Controller) is an all-in-one control solution for themed entertainment and LED lighting installations.
It features individually controllable and independently running timelines and scenes. Supported fixtures include LEDs in any configuration (RGB, RGBW, tuneable white), moving heads, yokes or scanners and fountain jets. Output includes DMX512, Art-Net, DALI & RDM.



Pharos – POE connect

The POE (Power-over-Ethernet Switch) provides a simple power and networking solution for four Power-over-Ethernet devices with two separate Ethernet uplink ports. It is perfect for connecting power and data between Pharos Controllers and Pharos Remote Devices.



Pharos – RDM DMX splitters

The RDM (Remote Device Management) is a 4 port DMX512 Splitter compatible with the RDM standard to provide DMX output to luminaires and other devices. DMX splitters are an essential requirement for most control systems, allowing multiple separate cable runs from a single DMX output and
ensuring electrical isolation.


Pharos TPS – Touch Panel Station

The Pharos TPS (Touch Panel Station) is an elegant interface with
a customisable, 4.3” capacitive touch screen, that works with any Pharos Controller.


Pharos – CLOUD

The CLOUD makes it easy to achieve remote control and management which is truly remote and totally secure. Once connected, users can adjust hardware settings remotely, schedule tasks, control multiple projects, view system status, set remote user permissions, and more; through a standard internet connection without any additional hardware.


Pharos – EDN Ethernet Data Node

The Pharos EDN 20 (Ethernet Data Node) is a convenient and scalable solution, providing cost-effective Ethernet-distributed DMX ports for large control projects. The EDN is an easily configurable networking node that is specifically designed to add physical DMX ports to Pharos Controller and integrates natively with the full Pharos range.

Extremely compact, it packs up to 20 DMX512 output ports into a 1U 19” form factor. For higher port count installations, nodes can be daisy-chained to provide as many physical DMX ports as you need.

EDNs are discoverable through Pharos Designer software and associated to a Controller to be seamlessly configured as part of your patch. Ports can be flexibly assigned to any controller in your project providing an elegant data distribution solution over an Ethernet network with minimal setup required.


Pharos – LPCX Lighting Playback Controller X

The Pharos LPC X (Lighting Playback Controller X) offers an extreme level of power and integration, making it an ideal solution for landmark lighting installations with significant channel counts. It integrates with the full range of Pharos products and offers an optional real-time video input.

DMXRDM System block diagram

There is a new short code DMXRDM, that you will find in the Dimming type column. This refers to DMX control with optional RDM function. 

Please note that if you select DMX accessories then you will receive the DMX only option. However if you select RDM accessories then the RDM protocol will be included.