Project – DOLL Living Lab L-Column Installation


DOLL Living Lab L-Column Installation -cover

DOLL Living Lab is a leading facility of its kind in Europe, testing and demonstrating intelligent outdoor lighting systems and Smart City technologies. Addressing the needs of the emerging smart and connected cities, the role of DOLL is to independently support decision makers and city planners when deciding on outdoor lighting and Smart City solutions.

DOLL Living Lab L-Column Installation -3

Located on a 400 acre living lab,  DOLL fill a gap in the innovation chain by bringing public and private clients together on a neutral ground, where they can test, showcase and be inspired by cutting edge technology in a “one stop shop” with all relevant network infrastructures.

L-COLUMN is LIGMAN’s configurable, smart, lighting column system offering unlimited options for urban and public realm illumination. L-COLUMN  was recently installed at the DOLL Living Lab, equipped with CCTV cameras, EV chargers, ZAAB spotlights and STEAMER area luminaires installed on custom mounting arms. With a suite of smart city technology options and infinite configuration possibilities, LIGMAN’s L-COLUMN is the most powerful and adaptable smart city solution in the marketplace. Visitors to the DOLL Living Lab would have a demonstration of LIGMAN’s  technology in a full-scale plug-and-play environment.

For more information on L-COLUMN visit: https://www.ligman.com/l-column-intelligent-light-column-lc-li3/
For information on DOLL Living Lab visit: https://doll-livinglab.com