Easy Garden Design With Bollard


Bollards are ideal to provide ambient environmental lighting and garden area illumination. Available in a contemporary or traditional styles bollards are highly recommended recommend to blend in naturally with your garden design.

โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)

Which type of Bollard provides the best solution ?

Bollards can provide good illumination and light distribution to make your garden more attractive. Bollards are usually 1 meter in height or smaller and are installed in the garden sidewalk for the safety of visitors at night. The bollard installation distance depends on the purpose of the user; if they would prefer to use bollards for decorative purposes the distance should about 5-8 m. If the user needs functional lighting  to illuminate the pathway it should be a set distance of  about 5 m. However, it depends on the lumen output of the bollard.  

The light distribution of the bollard is used to focus on specific areas. Light can be distributed on one side, two sides or 360 degrees. The user can specify by their style or its application.

Light distribute on one side, two sides: Mainly focusing on functional lighting, providing sufficient illumination to ensure safety at night.

โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)


Area distribution bollard-integrated projectors. Stylish but technically precise area lighting solutions as part of a large flexible family.

โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)


High performance, high output and numerous options ensure JET can be configured for any application. Sleek shallow heads for single or double-sided exceptional optical performance and minimal footprint.

360˚ light distribution: Mainly used for decoration and to create light and shadows where needed.

โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)


Contemporary urban lighting furniture. Open-sided, three lattice pattern options or your bespoke design.

โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)


         Indirect light-emitting bollard range. Smooth and sharp devised bollard               family with wonderful soft controlled lighting options       


Stylish signature seating-bollard with numerous combination options for finishes and lighting. Combine your luminaire and seating needs into one piece of contemporary urban lighting furniture.

LIGMAN are pleased to offer a Bollard range with unique and stylish functions with sustainable material, making bollards suitable for all lighting applications and projects.


โคม ไฟ สนาม (bollard)

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You can find out more about Bollards: https://www.ligman.com/products/outdoor/bollards-bo2/

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What is a suitable distance between each bollard?

: We suggest allowing 5-8 meters between each bollard.

What is a suitable bollard height?

: A Bollard is typically one meter or less in height.

How many kinds of the bollard light distribution?

:  It has 3 different light distributions for bollard.

What kind of light distribution for bollard?

: Light distribution of the bollard are 1 side, 2 sides and 360 degree.

What benefits do bollard lighting provide?

: Bollards are ideal to provide ambient environmental lighting, garden area illumination, and path lighting.