Ligman Lighting provides lighting design support through our various global subsidiaries and distributors. Our large lighting design team is composed of well-trained lighting designers able to adopt any lighting design request or provide design inspiration as needed as requested for a project; for any interior and exterior projects, including also any needs for specific technical design such as those needed for sports lighting, street lighting or tunnel analysis.

By utilising modern lighting software, our design team can ensure that we deliver the best possible design to our customers including, as needed; lighting calculations, luminaire setting out information, project load data, specification details and a range of visualization options. The staff are well versed in a variety lighting packages such as AGI32, Dialux Evo, Dialux 4.13 and 3D Max. Plus proficient in Sketchup, Photoshop and other complimentary packages necessary to aid the design service.

Some typical examples of our services include:

  1. Point-by-point calculation: of incident direct or reflected light on any real surface or imaginary plane. Using this, we can predict or quantify the distribution of artificial or natural light in any environment.
    2018 lighting design 1
  2. Isolines: providing contouring capability to demonstrate Illuminance, Exitance values, GR and UGR values, luminance (Diffuse and Roadway), Daylight Factor, Veiling Luminance values and visibility level values.
    2018 lighting design 2
  3. Realistic Modeling: AGI32 and Dialux are simple and accurate technical packages, yet contain powerful model builders, capable in the hands of our experienced designers of constructing almost any architectural environment in great detail: Vaults, domes, curves, slopes and extrusions are able to be recreated allowing us to accurately model the architectural elements of any project. For those customers with existing 3D models, AGI32 can import 3D Geometry via DWG or DXF files. And for Dialux it can import as 3DS files.
    2018 lighting design 32018 lighting design 3b
  4. Rendered Environments: Ligman’s lighting designers can generate extremely fast and photometrically accurate colour images conveying the behavior of light within an environment. Fast enough to be used on an iterative basis, our designers now can quickly visualize and share different lighting scenarios before they are specified, purchased and installed.
    2018 lighting design 4
  5. 3D False Color Rendering: Illuminance and Luminance are evaluated by means of colour temperature scale for quick reference and analysis to visually determine the levels of the surroundings. Red signifies the brightest level and black is the darkest level.
    2018 lighting design 5
  6. Photo Realistic Visualisation: Ligman has invested in staff highly skilled in 3D Visualisation using the advance 3D software; 3D Max, to create and generate photo realistic effects of different lighting arrangements and also to realise the actual appearance of Ligman fixtures when integrated into a project.
    2018 lighting design optiona2018 lighting design optionf2018 lighting design optione2018 lighting design optionb


Every individual in our lighting team has unique capabilities for the various lighting design services we offer and packages we use to achieve them; including our Application Engineering Manager; Steve Aries, whom oversees the design team whom himself has won various international awards in Lighting design software for using Dialux and AGI32.

One of our many success stories; Ligman’s Lighting Design Support service has already garnered a reputation for high quality and quick turn-around in the marketplace working with Engineers, Designers, Architects and they are ready to take on any project for which their services are requested.