Project – Foncim, Caen, France


FONCIM is a land development company whose main activity is facilitating the sale of building land as well as real estate development.

Project - FONCIM, France-3

LIGMAN JET 57 bollards were utilised along the perimeter pathway surrounding their upgraded headquarters in Caen, Normandy, where the company was established over 25 years ago.


JET Bollards
High performance, high output and numerous options ensure JET can be configured for any application. Sleek shallow heads for single or double-sided exceptional optical performance and minimal footprint.



In addition to bollards we also have JET Post top, JET Surface facade luminaires, JET Ceiling luminaires and JET Pendant luminaires, which is perfectly range and suitable for any project area with IDA certified except ceiling and pendant versions.


For more information on LIGMAN JET Bollards please visit: https://www.ligman.com/jet-bollards-je-bo3/
For more information about the Dark Sky Certified Ranges please visit: https://www.ligman.com/darksky-approved-ranges/