Beginning of a journey

Mr. Sakchai Manawongsakul founded LIGMAN in Thailand on July 18th, 1995. An electrical lamp manufacturer established under the name Lightech Products Industrial Co. Ltd.

The first office was opened in Bangkok and in February 1996, Factory 1 in Chachoengsao became registered as the Global Headquarters.




Mr. Sakchai was passionate about light from the very beginning. Working together with lighting designers he understood the entire process and the importance of fulfilling a clients needs. This first hand experience combined with studying European and American products, drove him and his company to become leaders in high quality lighting fixtures. 

Growing up from local importer to worldwide exporter

Following years of extensive research into the highest quality light fittings from around the world, in 2002 the decision was made to switch from importing to focus exclusively on exporting. This crystallised Mr. Sakchai’s mission to become Thailand’s preeminent manufacturer of high quality luminaires, from premium materials and first class services, to meet the European Standard for both the Thai market and around the world. 



In 2003, LIGMAN commenced the promotion of outdoor lighting products to Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. Exporting 85% of products worldwide and supplying the remaining 15% within Thailand. 



LIGMAN then obtained ISO 9001 certification for the head office and factory in Thailand. 

On September 13, 2006, the company completely transitioned to LIGMAN Lighting Co. Ltd. ” LIGMAN ” came from ‘Lighting by Manawongsakul’ with the original logo in blue, yellow and white under the slogan “The Quality of life…” inspired by the founder’s initiative; “Lighting is one of the most important in human life in the ways of safety, living and well being”.

That same year, LIGMAN established LIGMAN ME (FZE) in the United Arab Emirates as the main subsidiary for the market in the Middle East. 

LIGMAN logo-2002

Full production had commenced

In 2011, LIGMAN’s Factory 1 started full production, expanding its area to 12,000 sqm. and servicing all divisions. Subsidiaries were established in India, Finland and the USA, supported by a full accompaniment of highly qualified engineering, manufacturing and marketing teams, in addition to 76 sales agencies. 

In 2012, LIGMAN obtained ISO 14001 in Thailand and established Factory 2.
Located in Chachoengsao province on a 100,000 sqm. property, Factory 2 has been operating at full production within a 12,000 sqm. facility.  

Continuously expanding its global footprint

In 2014, subsidiaries were established in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Czech Republic. The new European Headquarters included a factory located in Přestanov, Ústí nad Labem.

In 2017, a subsidiary was established in Singapore.

In 2018, subsidiaries were established in both France and the UK, which coincided with an overhaul of the company logo, website and marketing plan. This included a re-branding of the corporate colour to dark grey and yellow, to represent outdoor and indoor luminaires. 
LIGMAN logo-2018

LIGMAN Europe is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001. Complying with all quality and hygiene standards, LIGMAN Europe manufactures and distributes products to all of its European suppliers.

LLTH - ISO 9001
LLTH - ISO 14001
LLEU - ISO 9001
LLEU - ISO 14001
LLEU - ISO 50001
LLEU - ISO 18001

In 2019, LIGMAN established several new subsidiaries in Spain, Sweden and Denmark, in addition to a flagship store of Asia in Jakarta

25 Years of LIGMAN

LIGMAN’s head office was moved to LANTERN building, a LIGMAN’s corporate building, located at Bangkok in 2019. We upgraded our home base where serves as a workplace and destination for all our valued customer.

LANTERN building is a combination of office, flagship store, showroom, lighting experience and seminar room where is a culmination of LIGMAN growing.

Next step in success and design

In 2020, LIGMAN continued to innovate and grow: A new 3000 sqm. factory was established in Noida, India which received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification; New subsidiaries were established in Latin America; LIGMAN Europe celebrated the grand opening of its new showroom in the Czech Republic; and LIGMAN Evolve, with a mission to develop world-leading, Smart City – Smart Poles, was established in Australia.

The LIGMAN logo was upgraded to reflect the unified vision of the company, with locations throughout the world, working together as one.