How important of floodlight


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Floodlight LED has numerous dimensions and wattages with high lumen output and efficiency distribution lighting. Narrow to wide beam covers any widely space and focuses on small area where you need to be more outstanding at night. Floodlight LED can install both indoor and outdoor area.

Advantage of floodlight

Floodlight LED is suitable in various applications. Mainly use for the signage from tiny to large size, highlight the tree, sculpture, statue or anything which needs to be illuminated and emphasize as a landmark. In today world, people was drawn by lighting effect more than before so it increases also more competitive in lighting market. From this reason so the lighting market is growing up and adding more and more choice for user. 

Floodlight illuminate the signage.

Floodlight illuminate the building facade.

Floodlight illuminate the tree.

Floodlight illuminate to sculpture and statue.

Floodlight for area lighting and decorative.

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You can find out more about Floodlight: https://www.ligman.com/products/outdoor/floodlights-projectors-and-column-projectors-pr2/

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What advantages does a floodlight provide? Why would people use it?

: Floodlight LED is available in various dimensions and wattages with high lumen output and efficient lighting distribution. 

How many kind of floodlight light effect are there?

: A Floodlight has 2 kinds of light effect; wide light effect to cover a large areas and narrow light effect to focus on small areas which may need to be accentuated at night.

What types of use is an LED floodlight suitable for?

: Floodlight LED can be applied to a number of applications: for example small or large signage lighting, highlighting trees, sculptures, statues or anything which needs to be illuminated or emphasized as a landmark.

Which locations are often illuminated by floodlight?

: Floodlight is popular to illuminate signage and trees.

What is the main objective for choosing a floodlight?

: The main objective for choosing a floodlight is illuminating an area and emphasize it as more interesting than its surrounds.