How to specify pendant luminaire for office area


Guiding you to find the right pendent luminaire to illuminate and decorate your office area. We now offer various styles of pendent luminaire, and would like to propose an easy way of finding which one looks nice and most appropriate to your area.

Why install a Pendent Luminaire in your office?

A pendent luminaire is both a functional and decorative tool that not only illuminates the office, but also communicates something about the owners lifestyle to visitors. We offer pendent luminaires in various different styles to both meet this objective but mostly to decorate your office area.

Our wide range of pendent luminaires help create ambient lighting in the work area and influence our emotions too.

Square: Impressive array of sophisticated workplace ambient panels. Beautiful retro-contemporary interior lighting.

Circular: Stylish luminaires providing simultaneous soft ambient lighting and an interior design statement.

Curve: Unique and curved pendent luminaire. Release your imagination, designing spaces with multiple curves.

Ring: Comprehensive range of clean-edged interior circular ring pendent luminaire. Powerful and technical performance options shrouded in a minimalist aesthetic form.
Rectangular: Expansive and elegant portfolio of rectilinear workplace lighting fixtures to provide a good ambient lighting.
Linear: Powerful, flexible, continuous illumination most suited for office areas.
Linear with junction: Unique pendent style to create any art patterns or to follow the building form.

LIGMAN offers a range of pendent luminaires, powerful and modern in design with up and down light distribution options, passive thermal management, integral control gear, wireless control available through Bluetooth connection, and daylight and occupancy sensor options. All option is suitably with office area to make your work life better with good mood.

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative.
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