Ideas colour of luminaire lighting outdoor


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Each design field is definitely different whether a landscape design, architectural design, interior design, product design such as furniture or luminaire lighting outdoor. Do you know what can connect all fields of design when it’s used in the same place? It is colour. The different designs can blend perfectly with the colour to make all be in the same concept.

Match colour of luminaire lighting outdoor with each garden style

Colour is an important element in design. In addition to helping in terms of controlling the theme of the place, it also reflects the image and taste of the owner. If you have a beautiful garden in your home and want to add a new thing, you should choose the furniture or luminaire lighting outdoor based on shapes, designs and colours theme of the garden and home.

Balinese-Style Gardens tend to have an aura of sanctity, mysterious, and intriguing. You can choose to complement the dark-colored furniture or luminaire lighting outdoor, imitating the natural colours to make it look more harmonious and comfortable.

Japanese Zen Garden Usually the floor is covered with gravel or sand. Focus on simplicity Therefore, if choosing a piece of furniture, it is advisable to include natural materials such as wood to blend in with the garden or if you want to use luminaire lighting outdoor that feel in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere, you can choose the service of LIGMAN Inspired by Nature. For more information please check at: https://www.ligman.com/special-textured-finish-ranges/

Match the colour with your home


these colour matched is for person who in love with a sweet home. But also need to break a feeling in some area so Grey is very nice to create a contrast then your home will be more charm.


if you like home in natural style you do not miss this matched colour.
Both will blend together and make you feel calm and relax like always stay with nature.

Inspired by Nature

LIGMAN services with a variety of special colours that inspired by nature