In ground Lights UAE

“In-ground lights, as the name suggests, are fixtures recessed or semi-recessed into the ground”

In-ground Lights

They offer a a discreet way of illuminating the outdoor space, whether it be way finding on pedestrian paths, architectural vertical lighting, and landscape illumination. In-ground lights can seamlessly be integrated into their environment, appearing only as they are needed in the night time hours. 

There are a number of things to consider when specifying in-ground lights, most of which will be the discretion of the lighting designer. But the intended purpose of the in-ground light is not the only thing to consider, the placement and access to the fitting will also influence the choice of LED ground light.

LED in-ground lights

LED technology revolutionised the lighting industry. Not only changing the way in which they are designed, but also the service life and maintenance of the fittings themselves. 

The compact nature of LED modules meant that luminaires could be fit into smaller housing, and in the case of LED in-ground lights, recess depths could be reduced. Not only from the reduction in the lamp size, but also the requirement for complex reflector systems was eliminated. 

Linear LED in-ground lights were traditionally realised with fluorescent lamps, and followed the restrictions of this technology. LED in-ground lights such as LIGHTALK now provide powerful, continuous, in-ground lighting that wasn’t previously possible. The addition of RGB and lighting controls also means that colour changing LED in-ground lights are a reality. 
LIGMAN MicroVOS™ (Micro Variable Optical System) is our unique technology enabling customers to specify specifically tailored optics for all fixtures where you see the MicroVOS™ logo. KIOS professional in-ground lights can be customised with MicroVOS technology. Providing precise beam control on projects requiring sophisticated lighting solutions. 

When specifying outdoor ground lighting is it important to consider where the fittings will be installed. Are the in-ground lights accessible and likely to be traversed? If so, will it be pedestrian foot traffic or driven over by a vehicle? This will help determine the available options when selecting an in-ground light. 

HARRIER in-ground lights for example are suitable for walk-over with a maximum load of 200 kg. Whereas KIOS can handle drive-over with a maximum load of 2000 kg, making them better suited to areas with vehicle access. 

LED in-ground lights are also much cooler to the touch than their conventional counter parts. High output metal halide or halogen lamps could not be placed in areas that were accessible by the public due the heat generated by the lamps. Many of these issues have largely been removed thanks to LED lighting technology. 
Outdoor in-ground Lighting
LIGMAN has a range of outdoor in-ground lighting available for a variety of projects. From trafficable drive over way finding lights, to mini accent lighting, and professional in-ground lights. 

The Pasco Police Dept in Washington USA is elegantly lit with KIOS outdoor ground lighting. The concrete facade is gently wall-washed with the recessed in-ground uplights. Vertical illumination presents the law enforcement building in a way that is respectful to the architecture and function of the building. 

Embajada Espana (Spanish Embassy) in Montevideo, Uruguay shows the landscape lighting potential of LED ground lights. Hedges and palms are evenly lit, bringing the vibrant green embassy gardens to life at night. The recessed in-ground fittings disappear during the day for a seamless appearance and simple maintenance. 

Indiana University Conrad Prebys Amphitheater in Bloomington, USA is transformed at night by PETRA in-ground lights. The precise optics and exceptional light quality within cast bronze housing complement any prestigious project with high end requirements. 

Larnaca International Airport Departures in Dromolaxia, Cyprus, shows the versatility of the NEVADA in-ground accent light. Whether used as a way finding in-ground element, or under bench LED ground light, this compact luminaire packs a lot into a small package. 


What are in-ground lights?

As the name suggests, in-ground lights are installed recessed or semi-recessed in the ground. 

Where are in-ground lights typically used?

In-ground lights are used for way finding on pedestrian paths, landscape lighting, architectural up-lighting, and related applications. 

How are LED in-ground lights different from traditional outdoor in-ground lighting?

LED in-ground lights are more compact than those with conventional lamps such as halogen, high intensity discharge, or fluorescent. 

Is LIGMAN MicroVOS™ technology available on any range of in-ground lights?

Yes, KIOS professional in-ground lights offer this level of customisation. 

What should I know about in-ground lights in an area where vehicles will drive over them?

All in-ground lights will have a rating for how much weight they can withstand. Check the specification to see if can they are suitable for pedestrian walk over, or vehicle drive over. 

Is there a linear LED in-ground light that can be installed continuously?

LIGHTALK can be installed end to end for continuous linear LED in-ground lighting. 

Are in-ground lights suitable for areas where they will be submerged in water?

In general no. In-ground lights are typically rated at IP67 to withstand periods of up to 30 minutes of submersion in water, eg heavy rain. However in-ground lights are not designed to be installed underwater or where they are likely to be submerged for extended periods. 

Are LED in-ground lights cooler to the touch than conventional in-ground lights.

Yes. LED in-ground lights will not produce the same extreme temperatures on the glass the way that halogen or high intensity discharge lamps do.