Decorate the home with indirect wall lighting


The main reason we install wall mounted luminaires is to illuminate the nearby area and provide convenience and comfort for the resident. Not only that, we can also incorporate indirect wall lighting for decoration both indoor and outdoor in any style.

indirect wall lighting

Knowing about the wall mounted luminaires that provide indirect wall lighting

We typically shop for luminaires based on their design that fits to the home, without regard for the aesthetics of the light distribution. We are not usually interested in the lighting quality from wall mounted luminaire that provide an indirect wall lighting because actually we just need to light up the dark area.


Indirect wall lighting is produced by reflecting light from a light source against a secondary surface, shining on the surface to provide illumination. Most often they are used to create ambience and decorate the home. We can use the wall light aim up to the ceiling then distribute the light evenly, smoothly and provide comfort for our eyes.

indirect wall lighting
indirect wall lighting

In addition to the wall light, the strip LED is also popular because it can provide indirect wall lighting too. We can mount and hide the strip LED at bottom or back of the object like on the cabinet of the kitchen, bedside table, under the stair, shelf or mirror to change the ambient from main lighting.

indirect wall lighting
indirect wall lighting
Interior of modern comfortable hotel room

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