Indoor lighting design knowledge & new product launching


New LIGMAN Product Launch 2018

LIGMAN is proud to announce our new display booth located at LIGMAN Factory 2 in Chachoengsao, which is now open to visit until the end of March 2018. This large 570 sqm hi-tech display launches our new ranges of LED Indoor and Outdoor products.

All Ligman’s new products showcase our top of the range material design quality, aesthetics and attention to detail as well as our groundbreaking range of optical distribution options in the marketplace. This can be demonstrated for every fixture on display in isolation as the booth features a fully addressable wireless Bluetooth control system operated by handheld devices.

Leading the way for new LED indoor products, we are delighted to present “NYBRO”; an elegant Scandinavian design inspired linear lighting system, available in a multitude of tailored lengths, special shapes/forms and system options for recessed ceiling, surfaced ceiling/wall mounted and suspended applications.  NYBRO is also available in wide range of colour temperatures; 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, in Tuneable-White (2700-6500K) and RGBW full colour options, all as standard.

Our latest LED outdoor products include the new STEAMER, MACARON and LALUNA street/area luminaires, extended ranges of VEKTER and ODESSA, plus stunning new tapered pole solutions available with these fixtures and new compact versions of ABACUS wall-surface fixtures. Plus we have numerous innovative new bollard, light column, surface, recessed, wall-mounted, floodlight and projector fixtures for all applications on display.

Our objective was to create and build a comfortable and interactive internal display environment for major visitor groups from our exclusive distributors, architects, lighting designers, engineer consultants and developers, both domestic and overseas, to be able visit our factory and see our new products demonstrated alongside our design, manufacturing and production.

We can arrange tours for either a full day or half day depending on preference and request. Please kindly contact us to get more information or to make an appointment to visit our factory and display booth at [email protected].