LIGHT EDU Symposium 2018



LIGMAN are delighted to have been sponsors for the 2018 LIGHT EDU Symposium held on the 4-6 October in Timisoara, Romania. The theme of this year’s event was “Using light for improving the perception of the city” and the programme included many renowned lighting designers and practitioners involved in the presentation program and workshops.

The first edition of LIGHT EDU was in 2016 and the event is open to all who want to learn about the complexity of light. The event is a comprehensive programme of educational, informational, research and cultural mediation events in the field of architectural and technical lighting. The programme was initiated out of the necessity of long-term substantiation of the lighting design practice in Romania, where there is still a need to raise the awareness of the importance of interior and urban lighting.

In addition to LIGMAN’s sponsorship, Emre Güneş; Lighting Design Advocate and LIGMAN’s Business Development Director; gave 2 provoking presentations: “Human-centric lighting: A marketing concept or a reality? A summary of what is known so far” and “Searching for darkness… What is light pollution?”

The symposium is organized by Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch, in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from Timișoara.  The impressive venue was the auditory of the Timiș County Council, an extension of the previous Administrative Palace, completed in 2010. The interior courtyard of the older building was covered with a glazed roof, hosting an exhibition hall and foyer to the auditorium, highlighting the old facade.

Link to the event website http://lightedu.eu/en/