LIGHTCARE is dedicated to understanding the intrinsic connection between humans and the sun. Built upon the ongoing collaboration between LIGMAN clients, end users, and leading researchers specialising in the circadian rhythm and sleep problems. 

LIGMAN knows that optimised light (the right source, in the right amount, at the right time) helps to increase the health and well-being of people, amongst other known benefits including:

✔ creating a better working environment
✔ increases employee productivity
✔ reduces sick leave
✔ works against winter depression
✔ reduces the need for multiple types of medication
✔ validated health improving circadian rhythm protocol
✔ less fatigue and headaches

In addition, optimised and intelligent control of light results in significant energy savings.

LIGHTCARE unique product range is characterised by a very nice and user-friendly design, and it is easy to operate, maintain and customise as needed.

LIGMAN’s LIGHTCARE are Denmark’s leading knowledge-based innovation company specialising in unique light concepts for a wide range of areas, including: health and care, trade and office, education and industry.

LIGMAN’s LIGHTCARE are known for innovative design solutions with a high quality level supported by user-friendly hardware and software.

In collaboration with architects, builders, electricians, contractors, engineers, and lighting designers, LIGMAN guarantees a light commissioning process that ensures that everything has been thoroughly tested and the staff know how to operate the fully automated lighting system.

Projected as a minimum according to EN12464-1




LIGMAN’s established and trusted presence within the Asia Pacific region enables our experienced sales and technical teams and extensive infrastructure to ensure LIGHTCARE by LIGMAN can reach as many needed users as possible.

The benefits of the LIGHTCARE system’s evidence-based hardware and software development can make a real and positive impact to the health and wellbeing of people for a wide range of sectors and projects.

LIGHTCARE by LIGMAN has now over 10-years’ proven track record, satisfied clients and completed landmark projects.

Healthcare light & full dynamic human circadian lighting

Healthcare light – intelligent lights to hospitals
▪ Tailored light ensures optimum light for all professions at the same time
▪ Less fatigue and headaches by Scopi, ultrasound and screen work
▪ Prevents reflection of screens and monitors
▪ The warm arrival light calms the nervous patient
▪ Optimises image quality
▪ Provides better visibility and highlight detail
▪ Creates increased precision
▪ Better results, increased quality and fewer errors
▪ Increased safety for patients and staff
▪ Improves overall work environment

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is knowledge-based lighting
▪ Validated health improving circadian rhythm protocol
▪ Therapy light with boost function with validated boost of blue wavelengths of light
▪ Custom lighting control – with a focus on residents conditions and capabilities
▪ Experiences based on deliverables/installat ons for up to 120 care homes in several floors and annexes in one large installation
▪ Private/public collaboration, user input and experience since 2008
▪ Uses LED technology and sensor control with power-saving effect
▪ Lighting solutions adapted for the care centers work rhythm, routines of extend of care

Healthcare light & full dynamic human circadian lighting

For more information, please check: https://lightcare.dk/en/