“LIGMAN LIGHTING” develop strategy for Smart Lighting extend to Global market trends.


Blog: Introducing "Lipman Lighting" for Smart Lighting to catch the global market trends.

Development strategy of “LIGMAN LIGHTING” forereach to one stop service of lighting business with technology 4.0 further develop to the global market trends “Smart Lighting” by opening The LIGMAN LANTERN Building including Lighting Experience Center, Flagship Store, Workshop Studios, Lighting Training Center and Corporate Office

Mr.Sakchai Manawongsakul, President and Group CEO of LIGMAN LIGHTING CO., LTD manufacturer and distributor product and lighting system high quality under brand LIGMAN. “LIGMAN” reveal that their work strategy is emphasizing to perform business both in domestic and oversea market with various marketing plan by their worldwide marketing teams. Promotion proposal and join the major lighting fair in Germany for the purpose of being a World-renowned brand and by underlining to the 3 groups: 1. Developed country e.g. USA, Europe and Australia 2. Developing country e.g. Asia, South America and 3. Africa. The main market is the first group, developed country because of the high purchasing power and technology which will support the business growth.

Business planning of LIGMAN is focusing to 6 main target groups: 1. Architect 2. Designer 3. Interior designer 4. Landscape designer 5. Engineer 6. Owner. They process from start designing and manufacture until end procedure. Major business line is a lighting product design for outdoor use 95% and 5% for indoor use that also comply to standard of IEC 60598 and UL1598.

“Since business trend change to LED technology and save energy more than 30% that move LIGMAN forward to the way of designing product, manufacturing, testing and distribute to worldwide.  Currently the production capacity as around 85% export worldwide in 65 countries and headquarter office in USA, Europe and 11 countries that 100% invest by LIGMAN LIGHTING company only”

Mr.Sakchai said that for an investment planning in Thailand, he will invest 120 million baht to increase the production power and machine for factory in Chachoengsao province to reduce the production cost and production time to compete with worldwide market simultaneously with developing new product trendy to achieve the future demand whether it be smaller design, beautiful style, more light output and apply the product with technology 4.0 in accordance with the global trends and global changing. Example, the lighting control system via wireless or Bluetooth to switch on/off or dimming via smartphone instead of tablet, etc.

In addition to collaborate with 10 world class partners move forward to Smart Lighting and LIGHTCONNECT™, the lighting innovative which will connect to various comfortable service and make life easier like an intelligent command system, including development of new product for 10 categories of Outdoor and 5 categories for Indoor which will be 300-400 numbers per year.

The latest news, LIGMAN LIGHTING open the The LANTERN Building is the culmination of many years of LIGMAN growing our portfolio of experience centres. This is first Lighting Experience Center in Asia Pacific to do lighting installation mock-up for our partner and visitor who interest in lighting. Here also showing the lighting distribution in the darkness and will be a training center for student, new designer and everyone who needs to study about lighting.

Address      : 2300, Rama 9 Rd, Suan Luang, 10250, Bangkok. Thailand.
Open           : Monday – Saturday  08.30 – 17.30
Tel.              : +66 2 321 8211

You can also fill the form by accessing the link on this page: https://www.ligman.com/the-lantern-building/ and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.