LIGMAN Security Bollards

LIGMAN offers a number of our Bollard ranges as impact-resistant anti-traffic Security Bollards if you need to provide some significant physical safety protection on a project.

Our SECURITY CORE Accessory ref. A12691 is manufactured from 6.35mm thick galvanised steel with 53.35mm galvanised cross-support rods. Once fitted within our bollard it provides protection from a 2.75-ton vehicle, travelling at 50 km/h.

LIGMAN Security Bollards can be used to restrict vehicle access or provide vehicle guidance, to protect commercial premises or domestic properties, to protect pedestrianised areas or prevent shop fronts or other assets from being damaged by an impact, either accidental or deliberate. LIGMAN Security Bollards provide a solution of protection and site restriction to area that are vulnerable to collision impacts.


– Stops a 2.75-ton vehicle, travelling at 50 km/h
– For additional strength, the galvanised pole can be filled with concrete up to the waterproof driver housing to provide a solid concrete barrier
– Other specific protection standards (such as K4 rated) are available upon request

*Please contact the factory for technical details if you wish to use Security core (Anti-traffic).

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SECURITY CORE is available for all the following products: