LIRC Membership


LIGMAN are delighted and proud to announce we have become members of the IALD/LIRC: The International Association of Lighting Designers / Lighting Industry Resource Council.

Within the LIRC there is a spirit of collaboration and, as all members, LIGMAN recognises and supports the importance of the Independent Lighting Design profession. LIRC members are committed to providing independent lighting designers with products and services that will help them realise their vision of effectively, creatively, and efficiently designed lighting for the built environment.

One of the activities of LIRC was the creation of the IALD/LIRC Guidelines for Specification Integrity. This pilot edition publication contains a number of checklists, tips and references that offer lighting designers of any experience level methods and techniques to protect specification integrity: i.e. the importance of maintaining the lighting designer’s original specification throughout the process of establishing a final project budget, retaining contractors and suppliers, and completing construction. It advocates how important it is to have a strong specification, to ensure that the finished project realises the original intent of the design. The Guidelines for Specification Integrity is designed to be a living document that over time incorporates thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

LIRC Mebership

  You can download this document through this link: www.iald.org

                             IALD/LIRC Guidelines for Specification Integrity

LIRC Mebership
Image credit: International Association of Lighting Designers


Another important direction for LIRC members is in response to the need to facilitate the educational development of Emerging Lighting Design Professionals: The Lighting Industry Resource Council is continuing its successful efforts to financially support designers within their first five years of on-the-job practice to attend IALD Enlighten Conferences.

This year, the IALD is hosting IALD Enlighten Americas in Seattle in October, followed in November by IALD Enlighten Europe in Barcelona, with the 2019 season starting in Tokyo in March with IALD Enlighten Asia.

LIGMAN will be present at many of these events to work with the LIRC, listen to the presentations, share knowledge and work closely with the lighting community. Indeed, both Martin Valentine and Emre Güneş; LIGMAN’s Global Design Director and Business Development Director respectively, will be in Barcelona for the Europe event.

LIRC Mebership

                                                                                                     IALD Enlighten Europe 2018, Barcelona 
                                                                                        Image credit: International Association of Lighting Designers