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โคม ไฟ สนาม (motion sensor)

Motion sensor is a motion detector for lighting which will detect any movement both day and night 24 hours. We can control via one-touch remote control. After activation, it can be connected to other devices and consumes low power.  It’s an automatic system, save energy and can apply to any project.

Recommend! Urban lighting with occupancy sensing

motion sensor

LIGHT LINEAR DENVER Street & area lighting luminaires
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LIGHT LINEAR PT Street & area lighting luminaires
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motion sensor
motion sensor

STEAMER Street & area lighting luminaires
Column-mounted contemporary area lighting family. Modern and powerful high-end column range using optimum-quality area floodlights


Motion sensor detection area

– 360° lens, maximum coverage 2.5 – 12 m as per devices.
360° lens, maximum coverage 14.6 -30.5 m as per devices.

motion sensor

LIGMAN offers street & area lighting luminaires in modern style with motion sensor. Easy to use and it can detect the movement in widely area and can control the motion sensor via application.

motion sensor

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative. 
You can find out more about Urban lighting with occupancy sensing here:  https://www.ligman.com/products/urban-lighting-with-occupancy-sensing/street-area-lighting-with-motion-sensor-sm2/

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What is a motion sensor?

: A motion sensor is an electronic device designed to detect movement and trigger a response, such as activating lighting.

How many types of motion sensor are there?

There are 3 types of motion sensor: 
     1. Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) which works by detecting body heat and movement. 
     2. Ultrasonic can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves. It measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and listening for that sound wave to bounce back
     3. Microwave operate differently to PIR sensors, by projecting microwaves, which bounce off surfaces and return to a sensor within the detector. 

How far can a motion sensor detect?

: A Motion sensor can detect motion at distances of about 2.5m – 12m for vertical and 14.6m – 30.5 m for horizontal but will vary depending on the device.

What benefits can having motion sensor provide?

:  Motion sensor’s prevent lights from remaining on in unoccupied areas allowing for Energy Savings, Cost Savings, More convenience and Home Security upgrade.

Where is it suitable to install a motion sensor?

: Motion sensor’s can be installed anywhere that lighting is needed, whether an indoor area, pathway, toilet, parking area or even for street lighting.