New LIGMAN Indoor and Outdoor Manuals Published




Available now to download now from the LIGMAN website are the new Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Manuals.

As a result of our growing portfolio of quality architectural ranges and rapidly expanding options and accessories for both our indoor and outdoor families, LIGMAN has now split the product manual into two separate publications for the future.

The Manuals have been revised to include new product descriptions for every range, more project imagery, expanded technical data and a cleaner aligned look. 


Another demonstration of our mission statement to being committed to producing world-class, high efficiency and top quality outdoor and indoor lighting products, with a passion for providing perfect lighting solutions for people and created especially with them in mind.

LIGMAN has an impassioned focus for offering customers total lighting solutions; going beyond the typical matrices and making genuine differences to enhance lives.


The release of these coincides with a new improved website experience with faster access and more information available. As well as these digital main catalogues, LIGMAN is adding individual product mini-catalogues, lighting software files, data sheets, completed project references and contact details for all our global offices and partners.

Available today electronically, please contact your local sales representatives if you would like to receive future printed versions or have any product or project enquiries.

New Indoor Manual: https://ligman/indoor-manual

New Outdoor Manual: https://ligman/outdoor-manual