Project – Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Bangalore, India


New Project – Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Bangalore, India -1

LIGMAN bring drama and colour to Forum Shantiniketan Mall, one of India’s largest and most exciting retail experiences, developed by Prestige Group. This inspiring space, which covers 60,000m2, also houses a 3 storey microbrewery, built to host engaging performances from all over the world,  a 272 seat auditorium and theatres and art galleries, all designed to enhance the visitor experience.

Project - Prestige PSKN Mall Facade India -5
Project - Prestige PSKN Mall Facade India -4

RGBW versions of LIGHTALK linear luminaires illuminate the facades at night, creating theatrical light shows and attracting visitors to the Mall. LIGMAN’s technical team completed the programming and commissioning of 246 luminaires. The installation of simple touch button control panels enables the facility management team to change the scenes for special occasions and events easily.  

Project - Prestige PSKN Mall Facade India -3
Project - Prestige PSKN Mall Facade India -2

A total of 195 surface mounted LADOR floodlights were used to light the exterior facade fins and MIC floodlights were installed in the vast interior atrium space. ODESSA projectors feature in the surrounding landscaped areas to provide subtle illumination to the surrounding trees and shrubs.

For more information on these product ranges please visit:
https://www.ligman.com/lightalk-wall-washer-floodlights-li-pr3/ ,  https://www.ligman.com/lador-surface-exterior-downlights-la-ce3/
https://www.ligman.com/odessa-fixed-base-projectors-odessao-pr3/ ,  https://www.ligman.com/mic-floodlights-projectors-mi-pr3/#

                                                                                                Name Of Developer: Prestige Construction
                                                                                                                  Architect: M/s RSP Design Consultants,Bangalore
                                                                                                      Lighting Design: LET Lighting design, UAE
                                                                                                Luminaire Supplier: Ms Aura Illumination, Bangalore