Project – LaGuardia Airport, New York, USA


LaGuardia Airport’s ambitious Terminal B renovation has been completed in New York and features Tailor-Made LIGMAN VANCOUVER columns throughout the retail spaces. 

The VANCOUVER columns were manufactured to meet the design criteria required by Goldstick Lighting Design. The design brief featured decorative light columns with custom laser cut panels throughout the area. During design discussions, the extent of LIGMAN’s Tailor-Made capabilities became apparent and the design progressed to incorporate customized framework and multiple LADOR 3 floodlights with different beam and visor requirements on top of the columns providing accent lighting for merchandise.

A custom central opal core was provided, surrounded on two opposite sides with various laser cut decorative panels, designed with geometric Art Deco patterns that mirror those on famous New York landmarks. Added to this, customized anchor bases were developed to accommodate the unique floor requirements and power supply.

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