What’s the difference between indoor house downlights and outdoor house downlights?


Outdoor house downlights or downlight luminaires direct the light – as the name suggests – downwards to focus on illuminating the area directly underneath it. It can disguise corners that you do not want as well. Downlight luminaires have a compact size, so they can save lots of space. However, what are the distinctions between indoor and outdoor house downlights? Let’s find out in this article.

LED HP Series Downlight

Indoor house downlights: RECESSED DOWNLIGHTS

Downlight luminaires can be categorized into 4 types. There are recessed downlights, semi-recessed downlights, surface mounted downlights, and suspended or pendent luminaires. Interior designers commonly uses recessed downlights because they can conceal the luminaire body, making it easy to design the space.

Pendent luminaires are ideal for projects that want to show the body of the luminaire, like a feature element or piece of furniture. They have a modern and unique appearance, and can be used in combination with other luminaires.

Indoor house downlights: PENDANT LUMINAIRES

Outdoor house downlights are commonly used as surface downlights in commercial buildings. Their project focuses on the design and the luminaire body. It can also be used for facades.

outdoor floor mounted lights

 Outdoor house downlights: SURFACE DOWNLIGHTS

Finally, the difference between indoor house downlights and outdoor house downlights depends on the purpose of each project. If you need more information about indoor house downlights and outdoor house downlights, For more information, please contact the LIGMAN distributor in your country. https://www.ligman.com/contact-ligman/

Tips for choosing indoor house downlights and outdoor house downlights

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