Outdoor Lighting Design Conference 2013


Outdoor Light Design Conference 2013

The purpose of this Product Launch was to enhance Ligman brand awareness in the local Thai market and to introduce the latest product Innovation by Ligman Lighting research and development as well as showcasing our state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

The highlight of the event was our special guest speaker Ms.Kanokporn Nuchsaeng from APLD Co., Ltd. The presentation was a huge success where Ms. Kanokporn Nuchsaeng shared ideas and experiences on how to approach the quality of lighting design. The topics that were presented by Ms. Kanoporn covered the hierarchy on how to approach various design applications, such as functional lighting design and aesthetic lighting design and the migration of design approach from conventional lamps to LED.

Included in this presentation was an emphasis on proper luminaire usage and application, not only for good design aesthetics, but also how luminaire selection affects people occupying the space for safety and wellbeing as well as how it contributes to the environment. This well attended event reinforces Ligman Lighting’s commitment to continue with its innovative research and development program, to produce more products that can contribute towards society and the eco green environment.

Below successful event