The highlight of outdoor recessed spotlights


The spotlight luminaire is commonly used in many projects for different purposes. These are lights on architecture or sculpture, home or garden decorating, or lights on billboards. It adds more dimension and brings out the uniqueness of the project.

The spotlight luminaire has various types of use, such as outdoor recessed spotlights, surface downlights, and floor-mounted spotlights, which in each type have a different light distribution. However, in this article, we are going to focus on outdoor recessed spotlights.

Outstanding lighting performance

The feature of outdoor recessed spotlights is that they can be installed without seeing the body of the luminaire, making it easy to design and decorate. It is suitable for projects that do not want to show the physical luminaries themselves and do not want to disturb the vision of the project. To make it more vibrant, you can utilize RGB with the possibility of adjusting the colour or time setting as required.

Spotlight, but illuminate thoroughly

The outdoor recessed spotlights can uplight or downlight while still providing full illumination. Moreover, for best application, you should choose a luminaire with a standard illuminated angle of IESNA/EN, suitable for the project. It can save budget and make the most of resources.

More usable space

In addition to lighting aesthetics, outdoor recessed spotlights are the best option for a space efficient luminaire installation. It makes it simple to put the decorations around them.

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