Pendant lights Singapore


“Pendant light fittings, also known as suspended luminaires, are light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.”

They originated in the 19th century for lighting of factories and industrial settings. In these spaces high levels of bright illumination is needed over a large area. Over time they have been adapted for use in both commercial and domestic settings. These days pendant lights are used as much for their aesthetic qualities as they are for providing useful light. 

They are a solution in areas and environments where surface mounting or recessing is not possible for various reasons. It may be that there is no ceiling present or the ceiling is an uneven surface. Pendant lights are also used in areas where the ceiling is too high and the light fittings need to be mounted lower. 
The use of pendant luminiaires is popular in commercial spaces with high ceilings to have the luminaires at the ‘correct’ height. Outdoor undercover areas also often feature pendant lights for stylistic and aesthetic reasons. 

There are no shortage of decorative pendant lights for use in interior spaces. They can provide lighting directly above a specific surface, such as a table or workspace. As a design feature they are available in a variety of forms and materials, over and above their practical application. 

In many cases though the use of pendant lights is helpful in areas without a finished ceiling. The area or room has a covered roof, but the services that would ordinarily be concealed within a ceiling are exposed. In such areas, pendant lights enable light fittings to be installed at a height they would be if a ceiling existed. Without compromising on the position of the fittings or the light levels within the space. 
Outdoor Pendant Lights
Outdoor pendant lights provide an elegant lighting solution in areas with uneven ceilings. 

Whilst indoor pendant lights are more likely to target task lighting on a specific surface, outdoor pendant lights will more typically be for general lighting. A major advantage of outdoor pendant lights over recessed or surface mounted fittings is the space they save. As long as there is a point for suspension and cabling above, there is space for outdoor pendant lights. 

The TechMed Centre Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands uses LIGHTALK linear suspended luminiares for the exterior entrance. The exterior ceiling in this area features exposed structural beams running parallel to the building. Surface mounted or recessed luminiares in this area would be compromised by the steel supports. Using LIGHTALK outdoor pendant lights the entrance to the building is evenly illuminated. 

Undercover areas of outdoor markets and pedestrian walk ways are popular choices for outdoor pendant lights. The classic form factor of pendant luminaire FORREY complements both modern and historic architecture. When used in arcades and undercover walkways they add both visual interest and lighting to the space. 

Now that outdoor pendant lights are predominately LED luminaires, maintenance of fittings is less of a concern. The long life of LEDs means that regular changing of lamps is no longer required, saving both the cost of the lamp and the labour. 
Pendant Light Installation 
The LIGMAN outdoor lighting catalogue features five dedicated pendant light fittings: ATLANTICFORREYJETLIGHTALK, and MACARON. However it also possible to suspend some surface mounted fittings such as the POWERVISION surface mounted high bay luminaire.

Pendant light installation isn’t limited to the underside of structures. MACARON wire suspended system is a popular choice for street lighting. In many European and historic cities the narrow streets do not have space for the installation of poles. Similarly wide open streets with multiple lanes, trams, and other vehicles may not have room for poles either. Catenary solutions such as MACARON enable lighting to these difficult to service areas. 

When installing pendant lights over a large area with an uneven ceiling, care must be taken to ensure all pendant lights are at the same height. Pendant lights have a minimum and maximum height they can be suspended, care must be taken to ensure these are not exceeded. 

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What are pendant lights?

Pendant lights are light fittings suspended from above. 

What outdoor pendant lights are available in the LIGMAN lighting catalogue?

 The LIGMAN outdoor lighting catalogue features five dedicated pendant light fittings. ATLANTICFORREYJETLIGHTALK, and MACARON. It also possible to suspend some surface mounted fittings such as the POWERVISION surface mounted high bay luminaire.

Where are pendant light fittings typically used?

Pendant light fittings feature prominently in areas where mounting to the ceiling is difficult or not possible. 

Can pendant luminaires be installed in areas without a structure above them?

Yes, wire suspended catenary solutions such as MACARON enable lighting to areas such as large traffic intersections. 

How long have pendant lights existed?

Pendant lights were first introduced in the 19th century to illuminate factories and industrial facilities.

What advantages do outdoor pendant lights offer?

Outdoor pendant lights can be installed at the preferred height for uniformly lighting a surface, without having to compete with uneven ceilings or other structures. 

What is the ideal height for a pendant light fitting?

The ideal height for a pendant luminaire will depend on the location it is being used. The type of fitting, the required light level and number of fittings. 

What is something that needs to noted when installing pendant light fittings?

When installing suspending outdoor pendant luminiares from an uneven ceiling, care should be taken to ensure all luminaires sit at the same final mounting height.