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“Post-top lighting has come a long way since the early days of street lighting from gas powered outdoor lamp posts”

The late 19th century saw the introduction of incandescent lamps which revolutionised lighting technology. More powerful than the early gas lamps, the offered improved visibility and efficiency. As well as being a safer lighting alternative to the gas powered lamp. 

In the mid 20th century high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as mercury vapour and high-pressure sodium lamps were introduced. Replacing incandescent lamps which were inferior by comparison. HID lamps offered longer life, higher output and greater efficiency. 

Up until the early 21st century, high intensity discharge lamps were the standard for street and area lighting. Providing reliable lighting for roads, parks and other public spaces. Over the past two decades light emitting diode (LED) technology has practically replaced all past alternatives. 

The compact nature of LED technology revolutionised the design of post top lamps. Though there are still nostalgic designs that resemble the gas lights of the past, the technical possibilities of LED post top lights could not have been imagined in the early days of post-top lighting. 

Outdoor Post-Top Lights

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Today outdoor post-top lights continue to evolve with ongoing innovations in LED technology. Modern post-top fixtures prioritise energy efficiency, sustainability, and visual comfort, aiming to minimise light pollution and environmental impact.

SANTANDER is the award winning post-top luminaire from LIGMAN which exemplifies innovations in LED technology and the future of lamp posts. 

Taking advantage of the compact modular nature of LEDs the post-top does not depend on a single light source and optics for light distribution. Instead multiple LED lenses are arranged around the luminaire head and optimised for the specific light distribution. The level of detail provides more precise beam control and efficiency than compared to traditional lamps and reflectors. 

When used in combination with LIGMAN’s MicroVOS technology is it possible to customise the lighting distribution to suit the individual needs of each project. In this way fewer luminaires are needed to illuminate the designated space, more efficient distribution of light is achieved, and a more uniform and visually pleasing solution can be achieved. 

The circular head of the post-top allow the luminaire to appear directionless when installed; providing a minimal clean aesthetic. Like many classic designs, form follows the function of the light fitting. Nothing is wasted and everything serves a purpose. 

Contemporary post-top lights also have a responsibility to only light where needed. Reducing light pollution in the form of light spill, glare, and upward light are all necessary if an outdoor lamp post is to be a DarkSky approved fitting. 

The latest environmentally conscious development from LIGMAN combines LED technology, DarkSky guidelines and lighting control systems to create Nature Friendly Lighting. Post-top lights are important in pedestrian areas during busy periods of activity. But does it still make sense to brightly illuminate parks, gardens and public open spaces when most people are asleep? 

Nature Friendly Lighting helps to reduce the impact of artificial lighting on the nocturnal environment through the use of motion sensors, dimmers,. and tunable white light. In this way it is possible to provide light for human vision and safety, whilst minimising the amount of unnecessary post-top lighting when people are no longer present. 

Solar Post-Top Lights

Throughout its history, post-top lighting has undergone continuous refinement and adaptation, reflecting advancements in technology, urban planning, and societal needs. The latest generation of solar technology, photovoltaics and battery storage has made solar post-top lights a viable reality. 

Vertical Solar Panels can easily be integrated into a number of outdoor lamp posts in LIGMAN’s existing catalogue. Allowing lighting solutions to take advantage of the myriad of benefits that solar powered lighting can offer. 

In outdoor areas that receive a high amount of solar exposure, outdoor post lights can generate their own power during the day which can then power them in the evenings. This frees up the reliance on fossil fuels from the existing energy grid and saves electricity costs of the lifetime of the installation. 

Beyond the retrofit options with vertical solar panels, LIGMAN have also developed a new solar post-top light fitting. 

NATURE SOURCE is a solar integrated post-top light designed from the ground up. Rather than taking LED technology and photovoltaic panels and fitting them to an legacy post-top light. NATURE SOURCE re-imagines the post-top light for 21st century technology. Featuring sleek modern housing, integrated motion and sunlight sensors, solar charging, and programmable dimming.


Does LIGMAN have a range of post-top light fittings?

Yes, you can browse the range of post-top light fittings here

What is an outdoor post-top light?

An outdoor post-top light is probably one of the most recognisable outdoor street lights. Starting in the 19th century when gas lights were introduced – the post-top is, as the name suggests, mounted on top of a pole. 

How are contemporary post-top lights different from traditional outdoor lamp posts?

Contemporary post-top lights use LED technology.

Are there outdoor post-top lights from LIGMAN which are DarkSky approved?

Yes, you can see the full range of DarkSky approved luminaires here

Which outdoor post-top lights from LIGMAN use their MicroVOS technology?

You can find a full list of luminaires which use MicroVOS technology here.

Is Nature Friendly Lighting control available for post-top light fittings?

Yes, follow the link to see which post-top lights use Nature Friendly Lighting from LIGMAN.

Can LIGMAN vertical solar panels be applied to post-top lights?

Yes, follow the link to find out which post-top fittings can be made to order with vertical solar panels. 

Is there a solar post-top light designed for LEDs and photovoltaic technology?

NATURE SOURCE by LIGMAN re-imagines what a post-top light can be when designed with LEDs and solar technology at the forefront.