Project – A Tale of Two Sippys, Queensland, Australia


In 2019 Light in Design 2 were engaged by POMO Urban Architects to illuminate a public art installation and entry statement, commissioned by Cristian Dickson from The Sunshine Coast Council, for the Sippy Downs and Chancellor park area in Queensland, Australia.

The earliest residents of the Sunshine Coast were the indigenous peoples consisting of the Gubbi-Gubbi (Kabi-Kabi) and Wakka-Wakka people.
The name ‘Sippy’ is derived from the Aboriginal word Dhippi or Jippi, a name for ‘winged creatures’ and believed to be ‘a place of birds’.

Stephen Burton owner & creative director of POMO Urban Architects, based the design of the structure on the spreading wings of the Goshawk bird which is native to the area, respecting the heritage and identity of the location.

Rick Morrison of Light in Design 2 worked together with Stephen Burton with physical models and 3D renders to develop a lighting concept for this statement sculpture.

Utilising the LADOR 10° RGBW projectors from LIGMAN, a grazing light effect was achieved along each individual feather/fin throughout the structure. Controlled via DMX, colourful thematic scenes were developed based on the native birds of the region.

This unique project is an example of what can be achieved when the right combination of design, engineering and artistic inspiration are brought together.

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