Project – Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


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The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a high performance sports training facility in Canberra, Australia. The AIS is recognised as an Olympic and Paralympic support centre for nurturing the development of Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes. 
The indoor sprint track caters to the strict demands of sport and athletic performance science. High levels of uniform illumination are achieved via a combination of QUANTUM and VEKTOR floodlights along the length of the hall.  
This not only enables high quality video broadcasting from within the facility. But also high definition documentation and analysis of performances required at this level.

LIGMAN’S products used :

Surface facade luminaires

Flexible wall-mounted floodlighting and area luminaires. Sleek, angular, technical and powerful professional lighting solutions.

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Floodlights, projectors

Adjustable surface-mounted technical projectors. New large premium projector, extending the family with stylish modern design, unique rotary thermal guard and up to 27,000 delivered lumens.

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