Project – Cerfrance Le Mans, France


CERFRANCE Sarthe Mayenne consulting and accounting expertise have recently relocated to a new premises in the city of Le Mans, France. 

Designed by Atelier K Architectes, the new office building will provide company employees a more comfortable working environment that caters to contemporary working routines. Includes a co-working space available to both CERFRANCE employees and other companies in the complex. 

LIGMAN Lighting, in cooperation with EDE Européenne d’Eclairage and LCA Design Office, were responsible for planning the exterior lighting. 

The LIGHT LINEAR PT family of luminaires were utilised extensively throughout, with single and double LIGHT LINEAR PT masts lighting the carpark and LIGHT LINEAR PT bollards illuminating pedestrian walkways. 

LADOR precision projectors are employed to highlight branding and signage, whilst LEEDS and SANDY surface mounted fittings provide lighting to undercover areas and entrances. 

The modern urban lighting furniture and luminaires support the light-industrial architecture to create a cohesive engineered solution.

For more information about this project visit: https://www.ligman.com/cerfrance-le-mans-fra-000019/