Project – Château des pères Hôtel Essenciel, Piré sur seiche, France


Château des pères Hôtel Essenciel is a unique 4 star hotel built on the estate of the Domaine du Château des Pères. This new and atypical hotel experience was commissioned by client Groupe Legendre, and designed by Architectural office Agence d’Architecture Unité. Inspired by nature and appearing like an avant-garde tree, the minimalist design is one of its kind
The lighting design had a unique set of challenges. The exterior surfaces consisted of three copper-like tones throughout the entire building. The luminaires should not disturb the appearance of the building, and the soft lighting should enhance the metal facade.
Envisaging the structure as a tree, the central pillar is illuminated with VEKTER surface facade luminaires. The 30m tall structure then glows from the inside out, with light reflecting on the metal surfaces. ZEAT floodlights provide supplementary lighting to each individual room, branching from the central column. Throughout the sculpture park and garden, mast mounted ODESSA spotlights enhance the night time atmosphere. 
The Château des Pères is a boutique centre for art, culture and gastronomy. Located in Piré-Chancé, 25 minutes from Rennes, France. The hotel offers 42 rooms of 26 m² with top-of-the-range services and access to a spa with balneotherapy, sauna and hammam.

LIGMAN’S products used :

Surface facade luminaires

Flexible wall-mounted floodlighting and area luminaires. Sleek, angular, technical and powerful professional lighting solutions.

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Floodlights, projectors

Petite adjustable projector family. Rugged looks and available in three sizes for flexible and affordable landscape lighting.

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Fixed-base projectors

Stylish fixed-base projector range. Naturally beautiful and unique contemporary family, ODESSA packs a punch with an abundance of options and accessories.

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