Project – Church of Bédée, France


Credit: Mélynda Hassouna

LIGMAN France recently delivered and commissioned a beautiful and respectful lighting installation for the Church of Bédée, (Eglise Saint-Pierre, Bédée).

The project was designed by Lumiscop lighting designers and their Rennes Thierry Garcin with the collaboration of the technical director of the city of Bédée. The church was under renovation and they took advantage of the scaffolding to test and validate the lighting solution using LIGMAN’s LADOR spotlight range.

Using the 21W LADOR with Elliptical Optics, the design called for the illumination of the alcoves only as a primary focus and to illuminate the Church base gently as a visual support. The Church is visible from afar and within direct view of the local highway, so the wish of the city was to illuminate the structure to support these design and view factors. In addition, the LADOR floodlights have anti-bird spikes affixed to them to prevent damage and nesting around the immediate mounting areas.

Credits: Mélynda Hassouna

Bédée is a commune in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany. It is located in the North West of France and is labelled as a Stage village since 2009.

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Credit: Mélynda Hassouna