Project – Galerie Lafayette car park in Annecy (74), Annecy, France


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Galerie Lafayette car park 
in Annecy

Galeries Lafayette car park in Annecy France forms part of the new department store. The engineering team had a unique challenge as the car park was sealed before installation of the lighting. Any disturbance to the existing sealed surface could result in water ingress around the poles. 
Round STEAMER street and area luminaires light the roof top car park. The precise beam control and full cut off are well suited to the urban environment.  Concrete bases below each of the luminaire poles retained the integrity of the existing carpark surface. 
GANDALF surface façade luminaires light the delivery entrance and exterior back of house. Providing high levels of light for both working and security.

Street & area lighting luminaires

Column-mounted contemporary area lighting family. Modern and powerful high-end column range using optimum-quality area floodlights.

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Floodlights, projectors

Surface-mounted cost-effective adjustable flood and area lighting. New higher lumen packages and extended family with vast array of flexible performance choices.

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Galerie Lafayette car park in Annecy (74), Annecy, France