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“ORCHARD is a tropical garden and heart of the Hamad International Airport expansion”

Hamad International Airport is the home of national carrier airline Qatar Airways and major international airport in Doha. First opened in 2014, its two stage expansion began in 2019 to accommodate the increased passenger numbers for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. 

At the centre of the expansion is ORCHARD – a tropical garden and water feature within the terminal. Featuring over 300 trees and 25,000 plant species, ORCHARD expands 6000 square meters of the international airport. Creating a calm and relaxing environment for passengers in transit through this hub. 


Al-Dhow General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.

Custom ARGENTINA post top luminaires illuminate the paths throughout the garden. ZAAB floodlight and projectors are column mounted to the post top fittings for supplementary lighting. LIGMAN provided the bespoke solution in record time for installation to meet the World Cup 2023 opening. 

LIGMAN’S products used :

Post top luminaires

Post-top for ambient public open space illumination. Decorative housing provides unique day-time visual aesthetic, whilst creating play of light and shadow at night.

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Project - Hamad International Airport