Project – Inseac Guingamp, France


National Higher Institute of Artistic and Cultural Education of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Institut national supérieur de l’éducation artistique et culturelle du Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) is housed in the former prison of Guingamp, a 19th century building that was heritage listed in 1997.

Commissioned by PRÉLUDE, architect Cabinet ARTENE and engineers BET RACHDI renovated the old city jail for it to house the Gwinzegal Art Center and become an educational facility through the Inseac and its living-lab.

LIGHT LINEAR VT 2 bollards have been utilised throughout the exterior walk ways, both illuminating the path and highlighting the former prison walls.

For more information about the LIGHT LINEAR VT range: https://www.ligman.com/light-linear-vt/ 
and the Inseac Guingamp project, please visit at https://www.ligman.com/inseac-guingamp-old-city-jai/