Project – La Passerelle université, Angers, France


La Passerelle is the student services house at the University of Angers in France. It provides students with guidance for their academic and professional projects. Offering personalised support for orientation, as well as advice on practicum and job searches. 

The student services house is located on the Campus de Belle-Beille, which is one of the five campuses of the university. The student services house is also called La Passerelle, which means “the bridge” in French.
Exterior lighting to the pathway is provided by PRAGUE bollards and LEEDS wall mounted luminaires. The minimalist design of the fittings complements the copper facade of the building. Designed by Chabenès and Scott Architects. 

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LIGMAN’S products used :

PRAGUE Bollards

Pure design, handsome bollards, delivering glare-free uniform illumination. Technical perfection offering ground-breaking efficiencies and unrivalled project space to height ratios.

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LEEDS Surface facade luminaires

Clean, beautiful, single or double sided surface wall-fixtures with class leading performance. Minimalist form, yet the most powerful and flexible lighting tool of its type, offering packages up to 4000 lumens and various street optic options.

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