Project – Lycée Jean Jaures, Reims, France


Project Highlight

“28 square compact floodlights illuminate a centuries old high school court yard in a historic district of Reims, France.” 

Lycée Jean Jaures is a public high school for general and technical education in the city of Reims, France. Named after the politician Jean Jaurès, the high school has been undergoing vast renovations since 2015. Parts of the complex date back to 1885 in the historic district of Faubourg Cérès Reims, when it first opened as a girls’ high school. 

Architects BETHGNIES et LECLAIR-Paris and PACE Architecte-Reims, together with engineers TPFI ingenierie-Reims, were responsible for the renovations to the complex. 

Lighting designers PROLUM Reims provided illumination to the high schools large courtyard. LADOR compact floodlights illuminate the grand space. With one to six floodlights installed on 6m high square poles, with 28 floodlights in total.

Lighting designer
BETHGNIES et LECLAIR-Paris, PACE Architecte-Reims
TPFI ingenierie-Reims
Project date
Reims, France

MASK walk and drive over, semi-recessed in-ground luminaires, finished in RAL 6014, provide supplementary illumination to the pathways

LIGMAN’S products used :

In-ground luminaires

Walk & drive-over semi-recessed in-ground marker lights. Tough, clean-aesthetics, with multiple light-emission directions.

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Cluster column projectors

Adjustable column architectural cluster solution. Flexible project solutions in attractive cluster arrangements using the square-form architectural LADOR projector range.

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Project - Lycée Jean Jaures, Reims, France