Project – Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon, USA


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The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a public aquatic and marine science exhibition facility in Newport, Oregon, USA. Exhibits showcase seabirds, marine mammals, fish, invertebrates and plant life native to the Oregon Coast. 

Lighting to the exterior park and gardens takes inspiration from the aquarium to create a functional and playful lighting solution with an underwater theme. VANCOUVER bollards and light columns feature customised motifs of starfish and seaweed, which provides both pedestrian lighting and urban furniture, that is specific to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. 

The versatility of customising the VANCOUVER bollards and light columns enabled   Biella Lighting Design to create a project specific lighting aesthetic, for truly unique and individual lighting solution.


Contemporary urban lighting furniture. Open-sided, three lattice pattern options or your bespoke design.

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VANCOUVER  Light columns

Total urban realm lighting solution. Optional heights, accent projectors, accessories and decorative lattice panels.

To find out more on our : VENCOUVER

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