Project – Porte de Mons, Maubeuge, France


Built in 1682, Porte de Mons forms part of the fortified town of Maubeuge, France. Initially comprising a guardhouse, troop quarters and dungeon,
It was recognised as an historic monument in 1924 and nowadays is home to the tourist office and Maison Folie de Maubeuge.

The City of Maubeuge commissioned restoration to the monument which included an upgrade to the facade lighting. Exterior luminaires UTAH, LIGHTALK Wall washers, QUANTUM Floodlights from LIGMAN were utilised; highlighting the distinct architectural qualities of the Porte de Mons, and employing vibrant colour for significant events such as Pink October.

More detail about the Porte de Mons project: https://www.ligman.com/porte-de-mons-fra-000053/
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