Project – Résidence Seniors Angers, France


Lighting design office PROLUM LOIRE were tasked with providing lighting to the common areas of a Seniors Residence in Angers, France. Although only a modest solution was required, additional consideration was made for the elderly residents and their specific vision requirements.

Modern LIGMAN fittings were utilised throughout, PRAGUE bollards and MARTINI pole mounted luminaires. Both families of luminaires offer a wide range of beam angles, allowing for a consistent visual aesthetic during the day, whilst providing versatile lighting distribution in the evenings.

PRAGUE and MARTINI luminaires are also approved by the International Dark Sky Association for their full cut-off capabilities, reducing light trespass to the residents homes and glare to the residents themselves when entering or leaving the complex during night hours.

More about this project please visit: https://www.ligman.com/residence-seniors-fra-000030/