Which one is better between the surface spotlight fittings vs the recessed spotlights?


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Spotlights are commonly used to light up the place, or the object can be remarkable or can see more clearly. In another way, it can also be used for blinding defective spots. which can provide powerful luminance and is user-friendly. It is easy to apply with any project, such as light up on stages, art or architecture, facade building, products, including lights on billboards. 

Which is better between the surface spotlight fittings and recessed spotlights?

When choosing spotlights or any fittings, the first thing that should be realized is the purpose of application and the place for installations. This affects
the product’s lifespan and the proper selections to be made. Surface spotlight fittings are most often used outdoors. because it has durability. It is also suitable for showing the luminaire body for decoration. which can be applied in many forms. It can be installed on the floor, mounted on the wall, or mounted on the ceiling while providing different light distribution.

The recessed luminaires are also adaptive installations but have some disadvantages than the surface spotlight fittings. For example, it can’t adjust
the angle or it can but there are still limitations. While many surface spotlight fittings often have joints to allow the angle of the luminaire to be adjusted
as needed.

Long arm mounted projectors

Long arm mounted projectors

or may choose to use accessories such as extension arms for mounting or drilling into the wall to increase the illumination distance and adjustable architecture as well.


The surface spotlight fittings also have RGB and RGBW colour options, which is another option to brighten up your project or architecture perfectly.

The recessed spotlights are often used for indoor applications. Because it has a very low noise value, suitable for interior and projects that
do not want to show the luminaires.

By the way, the decision to choose the surface spotlight fittings or the recessed spotlight depends on the purpose of use, installation site, and the needs
of the project owner. It includes climate factors and other related factors that require experts to assist in planning and management. If you want to know more about lighting or need some more information for your project. Please contact your LIGMAN distributor or download our catalogue here: https://www.ligman.com/catalogues/

What advantage does surface spotlight fittings provide?

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