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Are your smart lighting savvy?

Smart lighting in Thailand may be a new concept for you, but let us assure you that this revolutionary new way to control the lighting in your home is no gimmick; it’s here to stay. Smart lighting will help simplify and improve your quality of life. 

Smart lighting provides a more efficient way to optimize spaces, enhance security, and automate ambient control in your residence or business. Everyday lighting is the deliberate application of light to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect. Smart light takes that a step further and includes high-efficiency automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions, such as daylight availability and occupancy.

With smart lighting, traditional lighting luminaires are replaced with smart lighting solutions. In addition, an internet-connected smart hub controls all the bulbs in the network, providing control over the lighting in your home/business from one centralized location. 

Here are the top five benefits of smart lighting:

  • Remotely adjust the lighting in your home from anywhere.
  • Enjoy greater control over lighting effects (i.e., color ambiance and dimming) in your home/business. 
  • Automatic timers can improve security by giving the appearance that someone is in residence.
  • Establish automated lighting schedules around your lifestyle.
  • Save money with reduced energy consumption and more easily meet corporate sustainability targets.

Get IoT integrated

As part of smart building technology, a smart lighting system uses intelligent, connected devices to make buildings more responsive, secure, sustainable, and healthy for the people using them. An intelligent and intuitive lighting eco-system is often the first step in automated IoT (Internet of Things) technology integration.

Smart lighting systems use LED lighting that connect to the IoT and continually collect usage data, allowing it to be completely automated and controlled remotely via smartphone apps. 

Smart lighting systems also incorporate “smart lights,” which are also connected to an Internet-based system, allowing users to remotely control or automate a building’s lighting, in terms of effect, mood, brightness, and usage.

Experience the LIGMAN difference

Here at LIGMAN, we are passionate about producing high-end lighting components that combine state-of-the-art advanced technology with high-level technical expertise and innovative design, offering our customers total lighting solutions that work. We don’t settle for so-so; we provide only perfect lighting solutions for people and their home/business. We don’t just illuminate the environment in which you reside and work; we create bespoke lighting experiences that enhance lives. 

LIGMAN offers lighting solutions in two categories: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor range includes Bollards, Underwater luminaires, Ceiling luminaires, High bay luminaires, Floodlights, projectors and column projectors, Post top luminaires, Urban lighting furniture, Recessed luminaires, Surface facade luminaires, In-ground luminaires, Pendant luminaires, Light columns, and Street & area lighting luminaires. The indoor selection covers Surface wall luminaires, Surface ceiling luminaires, Recessed ceiling luminaires, Pendant luminaires, Recessed downlights, and Modular multiple recessed directional downlights.

To learn more about our services and products, visit or contact [email protected]. To get your home, restaurant or store in tip-top lighting shape, visit the LIGMAN flagship store in Bangkok between 9:00 am – 19:00 pm on weekdays to browse our range of top-quality outdoor and indoor smart lighting in Thailand solutions.