Outdoor Lighting Provides Both Security and Beauty


Outdoor Lighting Offers Safety, Security and Beauty

Outdoor lighting
is a must. Whether you’re mainly interested in outdoor lighting for security, safety, or for beautifying your home, outdoor lighting adds a lot of value to your home. 

There are many options for outdoor lighting on the market these days. No longer are you just faced with the prospect of putting up spotlights that provide security and safety, but don’t do much to make your home look the homes you see in architectural magazines. 

Currently, there is so much more than you can do with lighting than add flat spotlights that make your home and property look more like a prison yard at night than a home. 

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Revolution in LED Lighting

There has been a revolution in LED lighting, which means you can add dramatic lighting effects that cost you little to run every night. LEDs are notoriously stingy in power usage. And with high-power LEDs, you can get the same coverage you would with incandescent light, but save a lot of money on your power bills. 

The LEDs currently on the market offer colour-changing abilities, and emit much less heat than incandescent bulbs. This means that you can use them around foliage in dry climates without worrying about the danger of fire. 

Safety and Security

Many manufacturers have embraced LED technology as it has enabled them to design and produce lighting fixtures that retain all the stylishness and function of indoor lighting. But the fixtures target outdoor lighting applications where elegance and form enhance the outdoor area’s overall look. 

Along walkways and steps, these low-lying fixtures provide path illumination while adding to the overall charm of the pathway. Low-lying fixtures are preferable to high-mounted fixtures in delivering light to pathways. A person walking along a path illuminated by high-mounted lighting can create shadows that prevent them from seeing where they are stepping. 

Security lights are the best use of high-mounted lighting. Use them around the perimeter of your garden or yard to keep out unwanted intruders. 

With the motion-sensors on the market today, your lighting can come on automatically at the first random movement in your yard, a further deterrent to crime. 

Occupency sensor

Beautify Your Home and Garden

You can beautify your garden with all the lighting bollards, light columns, post top luminaires, in-ground luminaires, and underwater luminaries on the market today.

Use in-ground luminaires to add dramatic up-lighting to the canopies of mature trees on your property. You can even up-light several trees in different colours. These same luminaires can be used to illuminate ground foliage as well. You’ll achieve a beautiful, fantasy-like effect in your garden.

Both Koi ponds and swimming pools are not complete without casting undulating reflections on the surrounding surfaces from underwater luminaires.
Use post top luminaires around the edges of your terrace or lawn to give plenty of illumination to your entertainment areas. With the colour-changing and dimming abilities of LEDs, you can easily change the effect of the lighting to match the occasion.

Outdoor lighting can also be used to highlight the architectural features of your home and provide a sense of depth. The colours available in LED lighting can also be used to complement the colour scheme of your home and enhance your home’s ‘curb appeal.’

To get more of an idea of how outdoor lighting can be used to increase the safety, security, and beauty of your home, visit the FlagShip store and Lighting Workshop Studio of LIGMAN, your lighting specialists in Bangkok.

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