The New Ligman UK Team


UK offers – Premium Brand, Premium Service, Premium Team

The new Ligman UK team have made significant in-roads to the competitive UK lighting industry in their four months trading so far. But how does Ligman brand fit into the UK marketplace and how do Ligman products compare to the huge range of fittings already available to specifiers in Great Britain?

Ligman and the UK Marketplace

The UK construction industry is tiered in terms of its project values and length of time a project can take to mature and begin onsite. Although lower value short-term projects are regularly available, higher value specification projects take far longer to gestate, from specification to order. This said, investment into regeneration projects in the UK remains high, with major development contracts being continually awarded both from central government and private developers. At the top such projects as British Lands’ £4bn investment into the development of Canada Water, London with many thousands of other projects ongoing across the country, with confidence high, even with Brexit on the horizon.

The lighting industry has a lot of suppliers from which to choose, so how do the UK team plan to penetrate this tough industry with a new brand? Well, the new team has over 100 years collective experience of the UK lighting market and whilst luminaire diversification and technological developments continue from existing UK suppliers, designed to continue to attract specifications and grow market share, the lighting specification route is still the same, with the same core requirements – performance and value.

UK Sales team HARRIER
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Ligman are already very well placed in this particular market due to the product value already on offer; but crucially, Ligman can also extend this value to the designers without sacrificing quality. Rarely are lighting suppliers able to straddle both camps, specification and procurement, other than the largest and most established suppliers in the UK, so this is one big bonus entering this marketplace and one the UK Ligman team are using to their advantage.

Additionally, Ligman are also able to track and quickly respond to technology changes with development and innovation, creating great leverage in the marketplace. Comparatively speaking, the Ligman range of luminaires is manufactured to a higher standard than most available in the UK market, certainly at the existing price-point.

The UK team are able to offer all clients luminaire choice; that commercially and technically compete against the wider established market suppliers. Offering clients the desired combination of lighting performance, aesthetic quality and durability in budget, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Having also the reputation of being open to develop bespoke luminaires for design clients, whilst combining fittings with landscape forms such as benches and paviors, Ligman UK offer a big part of the solution for any forward-looking Landscape designer.

Premium brand, Premium fittings;  Premium price?

Through marketing and promotion, Ligman have selected an initial group of fast moving fittings to introduce the company, to demonstrate this balance of high quality and value, beginning with the Harrier inground. An impressive luminaire boasting an IK10/IP67 rating and 5 year warranty as standard, the Harrier revolutionises the performance level within this application, whilst remaining extremely competitive.

With the Ligman best in class manufacturing it ensures a straight-forward installation and a long-life of 50k hrs resulting in a proven fit-and-forget status onsite for the end user. Specialist immersible IP68 fittings are hard to come by in the UK and crucially many are unreliable. Ligman’s global expertise comes to bear here too with 5 ranges being promoted, with several performance IP68 luminaires included. 

The broad selection of street lighting optics available across the ranges also enables the designer to get great performance from more products than before. The linear light for example has already received some great reviews from UK specifiers for its performance and aesthetic qualities all housed within an attractive minimalist enclosure.

Ligman UK is growing. Watch this space for more or check out LinkedIn and our other social media channels for regular updates.

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